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Homework from 20th to 24th of April .

 " Think  before you speak.Read before you think".Fran Lebowitz
   " A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies...The man who never reads lives only one."George

      R.R. Martin.

3 , 4  AND  5 years old.
Watch  The Colour monster ( twice)

Make a picture about  How do you feel today ?

1st Grade

Watch The Enormous Turnip ( twice )

Make a picture about the story and write the title of the story on the top of the paper.

2nd grade

Watch The gingerbread man ( twice)

Draw the gingerbread man and label the parts of the body.

3rd Grade

Watch :
The fierce bad rabbit. Peter Rabbit


 Draw Peter Rabbit and a field of dandelions.
Who was the writer of Peter Rabbit ?
Write four lines about the writer.

4 th Grade

1. Look for information about who is the writer of Harry Potter and copy in your notebook ten lines about the writer and the titles of the books.

2. Read the page number 7: The boy who lived.( only this page)

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

3. Match the irregular verbs

4. What does it mean...?

drills, nonsense, proud ,beffy man ,neighbour, dull ,son ,gossip.

5 th grade

1. Look for information:

Who is the writer of Charly and the chocolate factory
Write 15 lines about the writer and the main titles of the books.

2. Read only the first page.

Charlie and the chocolate factory

3.Match the irregular verbs.

4.What does it mean....?

poor, meals ,cabagge ,dream ,factory ,smell, newspaper, golden, lucky.

6th Grade

Read : lesson plan one, extract I, page 3. (only this page)


1.Match the verbs and write the infinitive and past.
2.Write  a few lines about the main character.
3.Write 10 new words that you have learned.
4. Write two favourite quotes from Wonder.( you will find them on page 4.)

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