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                               HOMEWORK 27th to 30th April

Important: Please, Can you send me your works,  pictures, photos ,... to  my e-mail ? Thank you.

3 , 4, 5 years old

Watch and sing   Incy Wincy spider.
Draw a Incy Wincy spider.

Watch and sing Humpty Dumpty.
Draw Humpty Dumpty

1st Grade.

Watch the video.


      A. Write and answer

1.Write the Peppa's shopping list.
2. How many things do they write on the list?
3.How many tomatoes do they buy?
4.Do George and Peppa love shopping?
5.What's George  favorite food?
6.Where is George sitting?
7. Are crisps on the list?
8.How many onions do they buy?
9.What fruit do they buy?
10. Who puts the chocolate cake in the trolley?

     B.  Can you help your family? Write , during this week your shopping list in English.

     C.Make a picture about Shopping.

2nd Grade

Watch the video

  A. Write and answer.

1. Where are the children going?
2.What's the name of the teacher?
3. What kind of animals do they find at the zoo?
4.What's the name of the zookeeper?
5.What is the first animal do they see?
6.What  tortoises like to eat ?
7.How long do they live?
8.What are the penguins eating?
9.Who is feeding the penguins?
10.What animals is the giraffe looking after?

B.  Write a list of wild animals.

C. Make a picture and label the animals

3rd Grade.

Watch the video about describing people.

A.Write a description about you and your favorite friend.
B. Draw your best friend.
C. Make a list about the vocabulary that you 've watched in the video.

Watch the video about clothes.
1.Write clothes vocabulary.
2.Write what are you wearing today?

5th Grade

1. Write what's your favorite food.( 5 lines)

2.Write your favorite recipe (ingredients, method,...).

3.Watch the video strawberry jam.

4. If you want, you can make it. (take pictures, make a video, ...send it to me )

5. Practice the topic about adjectives, read the rules,do the games, activities, documents,..


6. Watch the irregular verbs video


6 th Grade

1.Read the grammar rules and examples.
2.Do all the activities ( games, documents,...)




Watch  the irregular verbs video.

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