dijous, 8 de febrer de 2018

Fruit salad

We are healthy kids !!
We make a fruit salad .
Shopping list today
bananas, oranges, apples,1 can of pineapple, pears, tangerines, kiwi.
Somebody says it is a rainbow salad. Fantastic,they are very imaginative and creative !!
«Good manners cost nothing ».E.Dantes.
First, they learn basic table setting rules :
Fork-left (of dinner plate)
Knife-right of dinner plate.
Spoon -right of knife.
Table manners are important ,they are part of our daily life,whether it's breakfast with
family, lunch or dinner among friends.
Some of them are very surprised!!
After that ,we begin the fruit salad. Then we peel the fruit, cut and put into the jar, in a beautiful «Mason jar». Finally, we squeeze half orange with a fork and we have a delicious orange juice,
we pour into the jar.
Good job !!!

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