dijous, 22 de febrer de 2018


Cooking with kids is not only a lovely experience, at the same time ,they learn English, and skills like Maths, Science and Geography.
It's extraordinary when they speak in English.
Here you have some sentences they said when they were making the recipe :
Marc says : "oh ,my god"
                    "I like kiwis "
Pati : The kiwi has hair outside.
LLuís : Monkeys like bananas.
Nuria : Can we put the peels to the compost
Aleixa : do you like oranges

and etc.........
It's great !!!

We make Maths,they weigh the fruits,kilograms and grams. We bring the peels to the compost container and talk about compost, so it is Science.
And questions like: where are the bananas come from ..... so ,we talk about Geography.We look a map of Spain and we situate  Mallorca ,Canaryan islands,.... and somebody says : "oh my god , Canaryan islands are far away."

We enjoy the cooking class!!!

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